Board of Directors

Sakala Rutherford

As the granddaughter of a well-known civil rights leader, Sakala Rutherford naturally grew up advocating for social justice and human rights. In 2010, she became the President of Hampton University’s chapter of the NAACP. Under her leadership, the chapter was twice named the prestigious Virginia College Chapter of the Year. After college, Sakala worked tirelessly on human trafficking issues in the United States Senate. It was there, she developed a strong interest in the issue. Her interest quickly turned into a passion, and she soon began searching for ways to be more involved with the issue. In 2015, she joined the Board of Directors for the Amara Legal Center because she strongly believes in the organization’s mission and work.

Sakala Rutherford earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hampton University and is the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of District Cleaning, LLC. Her expertise lies in client relationship management, strategic planning, and problem-solving.