Legal Services

Amara provides free representation for some of the most common legal needs for sex trafficking survivors and sex workers: criminal record sealing, criminal defense, family law, child custody, child support, divorce, civil protection orders, and victim-witness advocacy.

Civil Protection Orders:
Obtaining restraining orders for our clients against abusers, including traffickers and/or buyers.

Family Law:
Helping clients regain custody of their children, who may be in the custody of pimps, family members, or the state and representing clients in divorce cases from their abusers.

Victim-Witness Advocacy:
Working with clients to navigate the criminal justice system and preparing them for testifying in court; serving as a witness advocate for our clients in criminal cases against their pimps or buyers; and providing representation as a criminal defense attorney for our clients who have had charges brought against them.

Post-Conviction Relief:
Assisting clients in filing petitions of expungements, as many of our clients have criminal records for prostitution or related charges, even if their involvement in the commercial sex industry was against their will. These records can restrict survivors from finding legal employment, receiving publicly funded housing, and from other social services.

Case Management and Referrals:
Throughout the legal process, Amara connects our clients to partner legal services organizations, mental health professionals, and social services agencies to ensure that they can be in the best position to lead their lives free of the stigma, harm, and destruction they have endured.