On September 18th 2017, the Amara Legal Center and Courtney’s House hosted the book launch of Jessica L Voker’s book “Welcome to the Game: Then She Changed It,” at Busboys at Poets.

Jessica, a former client of the Amara Legal Center, has published a riveting autobiography, giving readers an insider’s view on sex trafficking in America.

The event started with a VIP session where Jessica and her story of survival was introduced to the audience by Tina Frundt, a survivor of sex trafficking herself and the Executive Director of Courtney’s House, an organization that provides social services to survivors of sex trafficking in the DC metro area and one of Amara’s closest partners.

Once the VIP session wrapped up, Stacie Reimer, the Executive Director of Amara Legal Center, invited the audience to write down questions that they had for Jessica. Tina lead the Q&A session reading the questions from the audience members.

During the Q&A session, Jessica revealed that she was trafficked for about ten years, ages 15 to 25, and because of that she wasn’t able to have several normal teenage experiences.

One of the audience members asked Jessica whether she was going to publish a second book, and to that she replied, “ [The second book ] is in the works right now; anything I left out in book one, is coming up!”

Before and after the Q&A, Tina read detailed excerpts from the book in which Jessica described the horrors she faced as a fifteen year old on the streets of South Dallas. Tina then invited the audience members to buy Jessica’s book and to have their books signed. The book launch sold out all of Jessica’s books brought to the event.

You can buy “Welcome to the Game: Then she changed it” on Amazon.

Avantika Shenoy is a senior at American University and a Case Manager Intern at the Amara Legal Center. She hopes to pursue a career in public interest law.